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SFC360/361 256*360 sensor

    SFC360/361 fingerprint image sensor module is based on capacitive-contact technology with hardened surface and enhanced ESD resistivity. The build-in analog and digital circuitry minimizes the number of external component, and provides easy-to-use with standard SPI interface to microprocessors. Due to its higher sensing area (256X360 pixels), the SFC360/361 can catch more fingerprint characteristics. The operation of SFC360/361 is controlled through registers, following a simple protocol. The captured image quality can be adjusted by setting gain, offset or reference voltage parameters. The internal operation and interface speed can also be configured to the needs.
    • Spatial resolution 508 DPI 2D sensor array of 256x360 pixels
    • Active sensing area 128 mm x 180 mm
    • Build-in 8-bit ADC for digitizing image
    • Build-in programmable voltage reference
    • High speed SPI interface
    • 0.1sec read out time
    • 32-byte on-chip data FIFO
    • Access control / door lock
    • Networking safety guard
    Parameter Unit Min Type Max Conditions
    Dimensions(W x L) mm 12.8 X18.0 W:Width
    L: Length
    Pixels (X,Y) dot 256 x 360  
    Sensor pixel size um 50 x 50  
    Special resolution DPI 508  
    ADC pixel resolution bits 8 Max 256 gray Scales
    Chip data FIFO byte 32  
    Interface   SPI  
    SPI clock MHz 1 16 32  
    System clock (ADC) MHz     6  
    supply voltage V 2.7   3.3  
    Supply current mA   9    
    Operation temperature range °C -20   70  
    Storage temperature range °C -40   100  
    Extended humidity range %RH 20   85  
    ESD KV   15   (human body mode)
    Dimensions (W x L x H)
    (Package size)
    mm 33 x 20 x 1.7  
    Function Yes / No Conditions
    Low-power finger detect mode yes  
    Set Calibration data yes (OTP)
    I/O and Core Power Isolation yes  
    Reset(from MCU to chip) yes  
    Interrupt(from chip to MCU) yes
    SDK PIV Plus
    Sensors 256 x 360 fingerprint sensor
    Scanning Speed 1/4 second via USB
    Image Resolution 508 dpi (H), 508 dpi (V)
    Gray Level 8 bits/pixel, max 256 gray scales
    EK (PCB) Dimension Version B: 60mm(L) x 40mm(W)
    Version D: 37mm(L) x 24mm(W)
    Version E: 52mm(L) x 20mm(W)
    Scanner Interface Cable Standard USB compliant cable
    Power Supply 30mA, for EK PCB (From USB port)
    Suspend Mode: < 500 uA
    Demo Requirement XP/Win 7, 8, 8.1 , Android, USB 2.0
    SOC Spec NUC12X
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